Chrystian Piotr Aigner (1756-1841)

In 1782, this architect was appointed military constructor of the Republic of Poland. He studied in Italy. He was a scholarship student of King Stanisław August. After returning to Poland, he held the position of Professor of Architecture and Hydraulics at the School of Corps of Royal Engineers in Warsaw. 

His first important task was the conversion of the façade of St. Anne’s Church in Warsaw.

He also designed the current classicist shell of the Water Tower in the Royal Łazienki. His next works brought him recognition and fame. In 1813, after the King’s death and during the time of Russian reign in Warsaw, he became a member of the Academy of Saint Luke in Rome. In 1817, he became a professor of architecture at the Warsaw University. He also was the head government constructor. He spent his last years in Italy, and died in Florence after a long illness. 

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