Dominik Merlini (1730-1797)

The Royal Łazienki in Warsaw owes its existence to two outstanding art patrons: Grand Marshal of the Crown Prince Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski (1642–1702) and Stanisław August (1732–1798) – the last king of Poland. Two court architects executed most of their artistic concepts: Tylman van Gameren (1732-1706) and Domenico Merlini (1730–1797). The former designed and built for Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski a small holiday pavilion known as Łazienka (Bathhouse) on the island located on a channel in Zwierzyniec in Ujazdów, in the years 1683–1689. Almost a century later, the latter of the mentioned architects erected a row of secluded garden villas and pavilions in the surrounding garden, and later converted the Bathhouse itself, transforming it into what later became the summer residence of the last monarch of the Republic.

Although throughout the thirty-year reign of Stanisław August, many different Royal architects, artists and gardeners executed various projects at the Łazienki, the most important figure – who had a major influence on the final shape of the Palace of the Isle and the surrounding garden – not counting the King himself – was undoubtedly Domenico Merlini – Chief Architect of the King and the Republic.

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