Gioacchino Staggi (1761-1809)

Three sculptors from Carrara in Italy were employed at the court of Stanisław August: the Staggi brothers. Giovachino as the youngest of them. He most likely came to Poland in 1788, where his elder brothers Francesco and Pietro Ceccardo had already worked for several years.

He decorated the Arcadia park near Łowicz, whose idea was conceived by Helena Radziwiłłowa née Przeździecka. In the early 1790s, he was employed at the Royal court in Warsaw as an assistant to André Le Brun. He executed minor renovation tasks. Among his creations are some sculptures of kings which in the Rotunda of the Palace on the Isle. In 1797, he most likely returned to Poland.

In 1805, his daughter was born in Carrara. Duchess Helena Radziwiłłowa became her godmother. Staggi was going to be one of the creators of the Mausoleum of Stanisław Poniatowski, the King’s father. The statue was intended to stand in the Łazienki gardens. Ultimately, it never came to life.