The Royal Łazienki Museum

These exceptionally beautiful and magical gardens are really worth visiting.

The Royal Łazienki are a harmonious synthesis of eighteenth-century architecture and historic gardens, which provide a rich and diverse natural setting. This place is inextricably linked with Stanisław August Poniatowski—a politician, reformer, philosopher-king, as well as renowned patron and art collector—and it contains some of Europe’s architectural gems, such as the Palace on the Isle and the Old Orangery. Moreover, the Royal Łazienki will always symbolize Stanisław August’s courageous attempts to transform the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth into a modern state.

Today the Royal Łazienki are considered “the most convivial place in Warsaw”. Here visitors are able to not only relax and observe the wildlife and plants, but also broaden their knowledge of the Enlightenment, thanks to meetings organized with eminent philosophers and art historians. Because of the Museum’s contacts with European high culture, visitors are given the opportunity to participate in numerous cultural and educational events. The most famous of these events are undoubtedly the traditional piano recitals which take place each year from May to the end of September in front of the Fryderyk Chopin Monument.

The Royal Łazienki are open daily to visitors from all over the world, who can admire the unique collection of paintings and sculptures amassed by the last Polish king, both in the palace interiors and in the gardens. This former royal residence is also one of the most elegant and prestigious venues in Warsaw frequented by prominent politicians, scholars, representatives of the arts, as well as royal couples and crowned heads.