Wedding ceremonies

The historic interiors of the Royal Łazienki are a unique place for holding a wedding ceremony. It can take place in the classicist Ballroom in the Palace on the Isle or the unique Royal Sculpture Gallery in the Old Orangery.

Palace on the Isle

 120 people

Palace on the Isle
Salle de Salomon

 40 people

Old Orangery
Royal Sculpture Gallery

 150 people

Old Orangery
Royal Theatre

 200 people

Myślewicki Palace

 30 people

Orangery Garden                      150 people

Garden/New Orangery             150 people
(Belvedere Restaurant)

In each of the above-mentioned spaces, we provide a wedding ceremony venue that meets the formal requirements of the Civil Registry Office. Such a ceremony can be organised during any season of the year.

The facilities of the Royal Łazienki Museum are not rented for wedding receptions. Non-commercial wedding sessions in the gardens of the Museum do not require permission from the Museum and are free of charge. Sessions inside the buildings require the Museum’s approval and payment of a fee as provided in the applicable price list or by the Museum.


Acting Event Manager
Izabela Rocka
(+48) 508 526 319

Main Event Specialist
Taida Szopa
(+48) 518 715 055

Event Specialist
Milena Żakowska
(+48) 518 715 877

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