Franciszek Pinck (1733-1798)

Among the most important works of Pinck is the equestrian statue of King Jan III Sobieski, which stands on the Royal Bridge at the Łazienki.

This sculptor and plasterer of German origin worked on the Court of Stanisław August since 1765. He was assistant to the King’s court sculptor, André Le Brun. His works included decorations in the Ujazdów Castle (not preserved) and at the Royal Theatre. He co-created statues adorning the elevation and interiors of the Palace on the Isle and its terraces. His tasks included repairing damaged sculptures. He also made wax casts. In addition, he prepared figures, which were to decorate the designed (and not completed) Temple of Providence.

The sculptor was to be one of the designers of the mausoleum of the King’s father – Stanisław Poniatowski. The statue was intended to stand in the Łazienki gardens. Ultimately, it was never built.

After the third partition of Poland and Stanisław August’s departure from Warsaw in 1795, Pinck’s financial situation deteriorated. The King failed to pay Pinck for a commission. He died in 1798.