Franciszek Ryx (1732-1799)

Stanisław August’s butler, born in the Flemish region, was a trusted collaborator of the King. Since 1762, he served Stanisław Antoni Poniatowski, the future Polish King Stanisław August. During the King’s reign, he resided in the Royal Castle, and later in the Palace on the Isle (in the so-called Rooms of Franciszek Ryx on the first floor). In 1768, he was granted a Polish noble title, and in 1774, the position of Staroste of Piaseczno. 

In 1776, he was granted the so-called Theatre Privilege. It allowed him to manage Warsaw theatres including theatres owned by Stanisław August.

In 1785, he was wrongfully accused of involvement in a conspiracy to kill Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski (known as the Dogrumowa Affair, after the name of a woman convicted for defamation).

After the King’s departure to Grodno in 1795, Ryx visited the monarch several times, and carried out his commands in Warsaw. He accompanied Stanisław August on his way to Saint Petersburg.

He departed several days before the King’s death in February of 1798. He died in Warsaw. He was buried in the Powązki Cemetery.