Piotr Wysocki (1797-1875)

He studied at the Infantry Cadets School in Warsaw, where he became lecturer in 1828. He was an infantry instructor, but he did not teach military subjects only. He founded a secret patriotic association called Sprzysiężenie Wysockiego (Wysocki’s Plot). After the start of the uprising, he was appointed captain and adjutant of the commander-in-chief Michał Radziwiłł. He took part in many battles of the uprising and gained the rank of colonel through service. In 1831, he was taken prisoner by the Russians and deported to Siberia. As a result of an amnesty in 1857, after a quarter of a century, he returned to Poland and settled down in the town of Warka. His bust stands in the Łazienki Park, near the Officer Cadets School.