Eyeball to Eyeball

The exhibition of exotic trophies entitled "Eyeball to Eyeball" presents over 70 exotic animals leaving in three climatic zones: equatorial, temperate or subarctic. The display, which represents a great illuminating and educational value, is one of the largest exhibition in our part of Europe.

The unique specimens were captured on five continents. Most of them were donated to the Polish nation by Roman Hubert Hupałowski, a hunter and activist of the Lesser Poland Hunting Association, organiser of 26 hunting expeditions to Africa among other things. Many species of animals on display can be found on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The exhibition is complemented by objects of everyday use and necessary for such a far expedition; it includes also large format photographs showing typical African and Asian landscapes. A computer with a touch screen enables visitors to experience a virtual world of nature. The sounds of the savannah and tropical forest bring close to us the exotic regions of our planet.