In the Field and in the Woods. Part I: Forest

The exhibition shows the birds and mammals living in the woods, including ordinary species such as roe deer, wild boars, red deer, fox and jay, and rarer ones such as wolf, lynx or golden eagle. The trees arranged in a diorama hide numerous interesting birds. There are also several species of owls, which include the most popular European owl – brown owl or quite ordinary barn owl as well as rarer species, such as the biggest representative of that group – the European eagle owl or our smallest owl – the pygmy owl. Bird rarities on display comprise the short-toed eagle, very rarely occurring in Poland.

The exhibition consists also of a part which matches well the dioramas and presents trophies, such as antlers of roe deer and red deer: Beautiful and symmetrical correct forms or interesting forms distorted for various reasons (e.g. perruque antlers). The trophy section comprises also a collection of wild boar tusks.

Those who are fond of discovering the mysteries of wild nature can explore the collection of over twenty faithfully recreated tracks of forest animals.

Animal voices are an essential element of the exhibition. So, if you close your eyes, you will find yourself on the rutting ground, you will imagine the courtship displays of the wood grouse or listen to a wolves pack.