Gardens of light

‘Gardens of Light’ is an international project whose aim is to promote unique historic gardens and museums from all over the world.

The Sphere of Silence Festival, that is music played in the open air in beauty spots of the historic gardens, the Festival of Light referring to the culture of Far East so popular in the era of Enlightenment and the Winter Evenings of Light with colourful illuminations are the major events which form the ‘Gardens of Light’ project.

The seven residences cooperating as part of the project include the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw, Prince Pückler Park in Bad Muskau (Germany), Prince Kung’s Mansion in Beijing (China), the Château de Lunéville (France), Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerød (Denmark), Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, the National Trust (United Kingdom) and Fundacja Thomasa Jeffersona w Monticello (United States).

The main objective of the ‘Gardens of Light’ is to highlight the style of 18th and 19th century architecture and garden establishments which reflects best the harmony of nature and art set in science and philosophy of that era.

As part of the project, each year around February, the Winter Evenings of Light are organised. This is the only opportunity to see the extraordinary and magical illumination of the Royal Łazienki. Evening strolls with lanterns through the historic royal gardens allow to admire the beautifully illuminated buildings of the Royal Łazienki. Strollers are invited to follow the way to the Palace on the Isle through romantic illuminations starting from three sites, including the gate by the Chopin Monument.


Within the ‘Gardens of Light’ international project, the partner Museums jointly celebrate the World Music Day. Each year, in July, a four-week music festival - the Sphere of Silence Royal Łazienki Music Festival - begins in the Royal Łazienki Museum. It is an extraordinary event which attracts thousands of visitors to the Museum. Here, there aren’t any huge stage structures or invasive sound systems. Concerts take place is quiet, picturesque spots of the Garden; one can listen to music on deckchairs or directly on grass lawns. Thanks to this the music can be contemplated in pleasant atmosphere, with family and friends, and artists are within reach.

The Gardens of Light encomasses as wellthe Festival of Light taking place in August. Visitors at the Royal Łazienki have to opportunity to listen to Oriental Concerts. Lovers of beauty and strollers may admire the Chinese Garden illuminated with dozens of red lanterns.


In 2015, the "Out of the Darkness" shows were performed at the closing of the Festival of Light. The play of lights and music, which revealed the fleeting beauty of the Royal Łazienki’s nature, could be watched in front of the Palace of the Isle. Shows were specially prepared by Leszek Mądzik for the closing of the Festival of Light.

Leszek Mądzik is the founder of the Fine Arts Stage created 45 years ago, a producer of spectacles and also the author of a dozen of stage designs in theatres of Poland, Portugal, France and Germany. As he claims himself, the silence in his theatre stems from the deep conviction that there are fields of human reality that can’t be expressed in words. Love, faith, sanctity, terror, feeling of finiteness, death - this is with what the space of these spectacles is filled - the director wrote.

Admission to all events connected with the ‘Gardens of Light’ international project is free.