Photo sessions

The Royal Łazienki Museum is an ideal place for taking climatic and diverse photographs. The historic interiors of the Palace on the Isle, the Old Orangery and the Myślewicki Palace offer an extraordinary setting for any photographic sessions. The historic gardens also make a splendid background. The flora of the Royal Łazienki will add a romantic atmosphere to every photograph.

Taking private photo shoots, including wedding sessions, in the gardens of the Royal Łazienki is free of charge. Taking photographs in the interiors of the buildings requires a permission from the Museum and payment of the applicable fee.



Acting Event Manager
Izabela Rocka
(+48) 508 526 319

Main Event Specialist
Taida Szopa
(+48) 518 715 055

Event Specialist
Milena Żakowska
(+48) 518 715 877

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