What prohibitions are in place at the Łazienki Gardens. Why do they apply?

Photo by Paweł Czarnecki

The weather is favourable for outdoor activities. We take this opportunity to explain why bicycles, scooters or roller skates are not allowed in the Royal Łazienki. Animals which you take for a walk with you are not allowed here either.

The Łazienki Gardens are not a municipal park, but a historic garden, entered in the Register of Historic Monuments. In addition to 18th- and 19th-century buildings, there are also historic sculptures, monuments, fountains and clocks here. The mission of the Royal Łazienki Museum is to protect and preserve all these buildings, as well as the historic gardens, for future generations. 

The prohibitions allow us to keep the monuments, which are located in the 76-hectare gardens, in good condition, together with the vegetation, which is under the care of our hard working gardeners all year round.

The historic gardens are home to many wild animals. Squirrels, peacocks, ducks, swans, which you know well as they are often the reason for which you visit the Royal Łazienki. The dogs and cats that you sometimes bring into the Łazienki Gardens despite the prohibition are a threat to the animals living here. In this case, the size of your pet or the assurance that it will be kept on a leash do not matter.

Although wild, the animals living in the Royal Łazienki, are used to the sight of humans, so they often like to approach us. By cycling, scooting or roller skating in the gardens (this includes children!), you are putting animals at risk of accidents and serious injury.

For example, when squirrels see a fast-moving object, they unexpectedly run into alleys directly under the wheels. Let the little residents of the Royal Łazienki feel safe!

And one more reason: we know that during your visit to the Łazienki gardens, you expect relaxation, aesthetic sensations and somehow a sense of ‘the spirit of history’. We try to do our best to meet your expectations. However, you feel comfortable here not only because of our work, but also because of the above prohibitions. We realise that some of our guests may not like them. In spite of that, we ask you to respect them. We remind you of this especially now when the weather is suitable for walking.

All the rules applicable to visits in the Łazienki Gardens are set out in the Regulations available on the Museum’s website. Information boards hanging at each entrance to the Royal Łazienki also remind visitors of its most important rules.