The Bedroom

This is the only 18th-century interior in Poland which survived with almost complete furnishings. Standing in the alcove is an extraordinary and original bed, without a doubt belonging to the king because of the refined gold-plated woodcarving with a motif of carved flowers, quiver and bow, referring to the symbols of love. The rococo-style stools, the classical chest of drawers, the fireplace made in marble with a motif of Chinese meander – all these pieces of furniture remember the times of Stanisław August.

The walls are covered with white panelling representing birds and butterflies executed using the "Chinese imitation technique"; it is a continuation of the chinoiserie style of the present-day Company’s Room. The author of the painting decoration in the Bedroom is Jan Ścisło.

The room’s décor was intended to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity. Another element of decoration which is worth noting are the original door handles – shaped as small and naked smiling boys referred to as putti in the inventories.