Angielska wersja książki  "Król, muzy i pomarańcze, czyli co się kryje w Starej Oranżerii.

The book to read, fill in, draw and stick, thanks to which children will reveal the secrets of one of the most interesting places in the Royal Łazienki.

Orange trees and ancient sculptures. Sounds of thunder and king on a theatre scene. Italian landscape and picturesque ruins. All this under one roof, in the heart of Warsaw in the Old Orangery of the Royal Łazienki.

The book for children written by Aleksandra Pawlińska and illustrated by Wojciech Pawliński takes you to the Old Orangery at the times of king Stanisław August. It tells how important the then culture and art was. A young reader may read about the royal theatre, the kings sculpture and the illusion on the walls of the historical building, he/she may visit ancient Greece and nine Greek muses, which can be later on found in Warsaw.

A king, the muses and some oranges the hidden delights of the Old Orangery is not only a book to read. There are pages to fill in, to play and to create. You may dance to the rhythm of the architecture, create an orangery, see how the sculpture is made and make it out of puzzles. You may design a special effects machine and make your own theatre.

Read, draw, cut and stick. Get to work!